Baronesse Barley Harvest Day Home Brew Contest Registration

Below is the link to registration form for the 2019 Baronesse Barley Harvest Day Home Brew Contest. Please fill out and submit the form to ensure that you are registered as a contestant. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED NO LATER THAN JULY 17th, 2019!

Please all the contest rules and details which can be found below the form link. If you have any questions, contact club leadership:

2019 Baronesse Barley Harvest Day Homebrew Contest Registration Form

Harvest Day Homebrew Contest Details

Join IBU (Inland Brewers Unite), Linc Malt and Joseph’s Grainery August 17th  from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m , just outside of Colfax, Washington for the 2019 Baronesse Barley Harvest Day Home Brew contest!! Stand in the field where the barley is grown and share your declivous homebrew to be voted on by all event guests.


a.       First Place winner will get to do a pro-am with Mountain Lakes and Linc Malt. 

b.      2nd and 3rd Place will win some awesome Swag provided by event Sponsors.

c.       All contestant will receive free malt during the event!  Joseph’s Grainery will be shoveling Malt right out of the truck!

Here are the details:

1.       Any IBU member can enter into the contest, if you are not a member you can join the club for $35 per year, or purchase a 30-day membership for $10.  Sign up at

2.       This year’s criteria will be 70% of the grain bill to come from Joseph’s Grainery. The other 30% to be any other Linc Malts.  Choice of style, yeasts and hops are totally up to the brewer!  Attached is a full list of malts available at Nu Home Brew & Bottles – Genus Brewing (10% off to all IBU members). Please bring your receipt the day off the event.

3.       Contestant to bring 5 gallons of beer as we are expecting a large turnout. IBU and contestant will be in-charge of dispensing. Contestants will serve their beers so that they can talk about them, and “sell” folks on their beers.  Kegs are preferred but bottles can be brought.  Must not be present to win/participate.  IBU will coordinate with any home brewer that can’t attend that would like to participate.  We will provide 3-4oz pours.  Ice and Tables will be provided.

Here are the LINC Malt Products available at Nu Home Brew: